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URL Registration Guide - Easy Step-by-Step registration for the Science Fair

Please follow the steps on this infographic to register for the fair

URL CMRSF on Facebook

Follow the Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair on Facebook!

File Science Fair Logo

For those of you needing a logo for promoting Science Fair at your school...

URL Judging Registration 2020

Here's where you register to be a judge at the Regional Science Fair:

URL YSF Ethics Website
File CWSF Display Tempate and Policies
All projects selected to attend CWSF must now use the rental display board, and follow the template dimensions and policies.
File Sample Display Board
sample for the student display board; this is just an example 
File Sample Judging Form and Rubric

Feel free to use this form to guide your students projects and to score them at your fair


Please use this guide to help you register for the CMRSF