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Registration Deadline March 5th

Registration Deadline March 5th

by Tracy Poelzer -
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A reminder that our registration deadline is March 5th.

Please note that there has been a slight change for what to "click" when registering students. You still go to "Science Fair in a Box", but instead of clicking on "Participant Registration" you now click on "login/register" and then "I am a Participant" to register students.

When registering students, please have them write or type their project summary prior to beginning registration. You will be asked to type in their project summary as part of the registration process (or you can copy/paste if you have their summary on your computer as a word document). We will print off the summaries entered in the registration system and have them waiting by your project area at the regional fair. Alternatively, you can type in "This student will bring his/her completed summary to the fair" and type in random words to meet the 50 word minimum. Project summaries are manditory, and count toward a project's final score. Entering the project summary information online ensures that project summaries are not forgotten, and marks are not lost as a result.

Please remember to view the video tutorials (found on the right of this page) if you are not sure how to find certain information or need support with registration. They have been created to save time for both school contacts and fair committee members - please watch them before calling with questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the regional fair in just a few short weeks!