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2011 Science Fair Registration - Update

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2011 Science Fair Registration - Update
by Tracy Poelzer - Monday, 21 February 2011, 4:42 PM
Online registration for this year's fair will open this Friday, Feb 25. We will again be using "Science Fair in a Box" (link at top left) to register. All registrations must be completed online.

NEW this year is the ability for one person at each school to register multiple students without using the GMail trick or having students register themselves using unique email addresses. A new video tutorial for how to do this will be posted before registration opens. In order for one school contact to register multiple students, they will need a school access code. School access codes have been sent to school/district science fair contacts, and hopefully they have been passed along to the appropriate contacts at each school. If you have not received your code by Friday, please contact tpoelzer at Please note that students MAY still register themselves by logging in as a student participant and completing their information independently as well if that is what your school prefers.