Science Fair Web Links and Online Resources

Look here to find links to all sorts of terrific sites. Many of these are great resources for teachers looking to organize fairs at their own schools, or for teachers or parents who are trying to support any number of students with their projects.

Teacher Support

Science Celebration: A Classroom-based Science Fair
A printable pdf document that walks teachers through a classroom science fair from start to finish.

Science World's Non-Competitive Science Fair Guide
This is a downloadable/printable document that supports those who wish to coordinate non-competitive science fairs for K-7 students.

Youth Science Foundation Canada: SMART's Guide to Science Fair
Some good information about what science fairs really are and the benefits and incentives for getting involved.

Youth Science Foundation Canada: Safety and Ethics Information
Useful tips on how to follow the rules and keep projects safe and ethical.

Science World BC: Resources for Teachers

Links to online Science Magazines and Journals

Please see the links in the "Project Ideas" section of this wiki for more great links to check out!